Ignite IT is not just your standard IT support company. We recognise that every business is different and we work with you to find the right solutions for your needs. Service is at the heart of everything we do, which is why our clients refer to us as their trusted IT partner and we are proud to be considered a part of their team.

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We’re experts, so you don’t have to be. We help technology work for your business.

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We help get your team up to speed, so you can use technology to your advantage.

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Don’t leave anything to chance, with our guaranteed on-site shredding service.

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Deciding what hardware to purchase, how to install software and getting everything running smoothly. These are everyday tasks for us, but they could leave you pulling your hair out!

Providing the right technical solution for your business starts with understanding your requirements. We work with you as your IT partner, to create a bespoke IT strategy that reflects your business objectives and helps you work more efficiently. That way you avoid expensive mistakes both in the purchase and deployment of equipment and software.

We offer the following solutions:

We can procure, setup and support your critical IT infrastructure and associated devices, allowing you to focus on your business.

See our support plans below.

More than just an IT helpdesk, we proactively support and manage your systems to improve their performance, reliability and security, thereby reducing your downtime.

Our friendly team is available 24/7 and with real-time alerting, we quickly identify and resolve minor issues before they cause any business interruption.

If you are involved in running a growing business you are undoubtedly overloaded with day-to-day issues, fire fighting business tasks demanding immediate attention. Backup and disaster recovery invariably gets forced to the bottom of the queue.

Many organisations and individuals are taking terrible risks with their company’s critical data and files. The consequences of data loss can be catastrophic to the survival of an organisation.

Through education and training, we can help your business to stay ahead of the competition in changing times.

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Disposing of hardware responsibly is not only good for the environment, but can also help keep you safe. Data stored on old computers can be recovered and used for fraud. We can help you ensure your assets are disposed of correctly.

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Support Plans

With we will devise the support plan that suits you, whether you work in a business that needs regular support to the computer systems, or you are at home and need help every once in a while.

  • Support plans tailored to your business
  • Support plans tailored for home users
  • Support plans tailored for community venues
  • All plans tailored to your budget
  • Discount schemes available

When some clients call us with a problem, they may be happy to wait for the solution, but given the way we depend on technology, that’s often not what they need. Computer problems can severely affect work business, whether it’s a loss of productivity or a detriment to customer service, or both, and is something which should be avoided at all costs. For customers where these are important issues,  we are pleased to introduce our managed network service plans.

Managed service plans call for a Proactive Approach to IT support rather than a reactive one. These plans allow us to monitor the systems on your network and resolve issues that appear to us before they appear to you.

Infrastructure Support Plans


  • Server health monitoring
  • Server maintenance / patching
  • Server space monitoring
  • Server event log monitoring
  • Operating system updates
  • Security updates
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Monthly reports
  • Contact us for your bespoke monthly plan


  • Network health monitoring
  • Resolution of connectivity issues
  • Firewall and router security
  • Network security
  • Monitoring access points
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Network load bearing and hub / switch management
  • Contact us for your bespoke monthly plan


  • Network support
  • Router configuration
  • Wired and wireless network configuration
  • Pay as you go

All of our plans are scalable and can be customised to suit your requirements and your budget. Simply tell us what services you need and we will build the support plan that is right for you.

Hardware Support Plans


  • Unlimited Online & Telephone Support
  • No Callouts, but you benefit from a flat rate of £10/hour.
  • Easily upgrade to another service.
  • Free consultancy and impartial advice on purchase of new equipment or upgrades.


  • ALL the benefits of Flame plus
  • Up to THREE callouts per year plus one system check-up.
  • Free installation of new equipment and upgrades.
  • Automatic upgrade to Inferno service should you find you need it.


  • ALL the features of Blaze plus
  • Unlimited callouts (subject to a simple fair use policy with just one condition – take our advice when we give it!)

You can mix & match any of our software and hardware support plans. All monthly support plans are for a 12 month period, prices excluding VAT.

“Support and management is more than just maintenance. It is peace of mind.”

Staying in tune with the latest technology and software can be a daunting task. We make life simple by providing easy to digest courses delivered by experienced tutors on a one to one basis or in a small group on your premises, at home or in our training facility in Lisburn.

Whether you are aiming for certification, looking for a fast-track skills boost on a new technology or need an in-depth, practical training experience to transform your skills, our IT training portfolio has been developed to meet your requirements.

Boost skill levels and knowledge whilst enhancing performance. Ignite IT has unique experience, with a background in the education sector. This enables us to work with you to develop learning programmes that will be truly effective and benefit your organisation.

We offer the following solutions:

For the ultimate in convenience why not avail of our mobile computer suite, which can be hired to provide training to your staff, using either our tutors, or your own instructors. We bring the training suite to you, set it up and its ready for action.
We can organise and deliver your training requirements in our training room, which is equipped with laptops, tablet computers, digital projectors, an interactive whiteboard and flipchart. Fibre-optic internet is also available. If you prefer to deliver your own training courses you can hire these facilities for your use and our staff will work with you to set up the room to your requirements.
For the ultimate in productivity we can deliver bespoke training to you or members of your staff at their desk! The course content is delivered using their own computer (or we can provide one if needed) and afterwards your employee can get right back to work. No more lost time travelling to a training centre or providing lunches and other expenses. We can deliver courses to more than one person or to individuals on a consecutive basis throughout the day! Not only does this mean that your staff are not all away at the same time, its environmentally friendly as only one person has to use energy to travel – our trainer!
Computers have a wide range of uses within the workplace. Some require them for administration, others for accounts or for EPOS and stock control. And the range of devices is expanding every day. Most businesses have a selection of Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones to name but a few. And how we use computers varies within businesses, ranging from totally in-house usage to remote and home workers requiring different functions, features, software and support. Ignite IT specialises in tailoring training courses that best meets your needs so that you get the best out of your equipment which of course improves productivity, efficiency and business practices.
One of the most important aspects of a training course is to make sure participants leave the course confident in their new skills. However there are times that they will have questions which perhaps weren’t covered on the course, or they just may need reassurance that what they are doing is the right thing! All participants will have access to our support team who will be able to direct them through issues that they may encounter as they apply skills to everyday tasks – because there’s not much point investing in training if they can’t use it!

“Don’t let technology get in the way of an efficient team.”

Formatting or deleting files from hard drives is not always 100% effective when done in-house. Confidential information can still be restored by the most diligent of identity and data thieves which may well leave companies at risk of prosecution for their failure to protect private data. At the very least, your private information, wether your own or that of your customers, is at risk of being seen by others.

We offer the following solutions:

Reduce the risk of data leaving your premises without authorisation by having data destruction technology brought to you. Ignite IT Data Destruction delivers comprehensive onsite secure media destruction at your office location. Our onsite destruction service follows rigorous data privacy and security workflows to ensure your computer hard drives, backup tapes, and other electronic waste are completely destroyed. You can also request professional bulk data erasure services and degaussing services onsite.
Our end of lifecycle services extend to laptops, servers, printers and other IT assets and office equipment. We can help you destroy and recycle or repurpose many types of IT equipment via reliable, environmentally friendly and secure services using industry best practices.
We can provide the following data destruction services:

Shredding of hard drive – for complete peace of mind! This can be done at your premises or your storage devices can be sent or brought to our offices for shredding. The advantage of this method is that you can verify the physical destruction of the hard drive. We can also shred DVDs, mobile phones, USB drives and other storage devices.

Electronic file removal – we use software to remove all data from your hard drive and provide a certificate to verify complete forensic removal. The advantage of this method is that the hard drive remains useable after the data has been removed.

“Identity fraud costs UK tax payers up to £3.3 BILLION every year!”

Ever wondered what to do with your old computer? Many Businesses do not know how to dispose of their old computers and are afraid of confidential information being stolen.

Old computers are often stored or hoarded and eventually get dumped. Each year this leads to more than 1 million tonnes of unwanted I.T. equipment unnecessarily making its way onto landfill sites in the UK.

As part of your social responsibility programme, Make IT Green can help keep your computer hardware off the scrapheap and extend its lifecycle, by refurbishing or repurposing it, for use in a new environment.

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, home users and public sector alike, all hard drives are securely wiped and reformatted using the Blancco Data Erasure system and you will receive a certificate to verify the process.

Supported By:

We offer the following solutions:

Call 08000 488 638 or Email to arrange collection of your computer*
at a time that is convenient to you, by a courier or our own vehicle OR take your computer to a
designated collection point.

*Please note: We can only accept working computers.

Call 08000 488 638 or Email and we will discuss your options. Our
engineer will make an appointment to call and make the upgrade in your own home. Not for
Profit Organisations and low income families receive additional discount.
Call 08000 488 638 or Email and we will discuss your options. Our
engineer will make an appointment to call and make the upgrade in your own home. Not for
Profit Organisations and low income families receive additional discount.
Disposing of your data correctly and responsibly is now a legal requirement.

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08000 488 638

PC Gaming Enthusiasts

We specialise in custom gaming rigs which would have a custom spec we generate based on your needs and budget, rest assured you’ll receive a rig that can perform no matter what you throw at it. We will build you the best possible machine to suit your budget and requirements, get in touch with us for a friendly chat and a free quote.

12 Months Interest Free Finance Available on all Gaming PC’s*

* Subject to status, Administration charge applies (6%).

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